Sustainability and Farming

The unique sweet taste and succulent texture of Newfoundland Blue Mussels comes from clean, icy waters from which they are harvested.

Mussels are at their best when grown in a naturally clean and pristine environment. Throughout our production process, we are committed to environmental sustainability.

  • Produced in waters free of land-drainage impacts, and only from waters classified as “open”, year-round by the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program.
  • Use of biodegradable materials – including a 100% biodegradable cotton socking mesh.
  • Mussel sites are located in rural and remote areas away from industrial or commercial activity.
  • Use of reusable and recyclable materials throughout production cycle.
  • Mussel farming regions have been assessed for health status according to internationally accepted monitoring protocols from the World Health Organization.
  • Farmed mussels help to reduce greenhouse gases by removing carbon dioxide from the ocean for shell formation.
  • Naturally clean, pristine waters of the frigid North Atlantic Ocean.