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Iceberg Selectâ„¢ Mussels are the most delicious mussels

on the market today because they are grown in a naturally icy cold, clear Newfoundland waters. … [Read more...]

High in protein, low in fat, with Omega-3

Iceberg Selectâ„¢ Mussels are high in protein, low in fat, and are an above average source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. … [Read more...]

The waters surrounding Newfoundland create ideal conditions

The rugged and wild waters surrounding Newfoundland and Labrador are perfect conditions for harvesting mussels, with ideal temperature, salinity and clear deep waters. … [Read more...]

No additives, no chemicals, and GMO-free

This is our commitment to green practices and pure organic mussels. … [Read more...]

100% Natural, Delicious & Always Fresh

As the arctic breeze blows across Labrador to the coast of Newfoundland, thousands of mussels sway in the clear, iceberg chilled water deep beneath the ocean's surface. These are Iceberg SelectTM … [Read more...]

Certified Organic

Newfoundland Blue Mussels were the first Certified Organic Blue Mussels in North America. … [Read more...]