Certified Organic Blue Mussels

The first certified Organic Blue Mussels in North America.

Newfoundland Blue Mussels are the first to be certified organic in North America. Each and every mussel gets the same care and attention to ensure it is the best product on the market today. We are committed to taste, the environment and our customers – and are proud to know that our mussels are the only ones to have this certification in North America.

Organic Certification lets you know with certainty that our mussels meet the Canadian Organic Aquaculture standard each and every time.

Benefits to you, our Customers!

  • Market Access. Organic certification will facilitate access to new markets with price premiums and brand differentiation
  • Product Supply Assurance. Guarantee that organic mussels are sourced from well-managed operations
  • Supply Chain Traceability. Guarantee that product can be traced through the entire supply chain
  • Credible Assurance. Product is certified by an ISO 65 accredited certification body

Components of the Standard

  • Free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides
  • Full traceability through the entire production and processing cycle
  • Measurable requirements to minimize impact of waste
  • Consideration of local habitats
  • Learning and continual improvement processes
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement